Advantage Building Solutions is
Northern California’s Most Committed and Trustworthy Builder and Designer

The construction industry has evolved greatly over the last decade with an increased emphasis on energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and the rehabilitation of older structures.  Every year material manufacturers, such as James Hardie, introduce newly developed products that can be more durable, more energy efficient, cheaper to produce, or just plain better than older materials.  Many contractors, though, become complacent with the older materials because the contractor is familiar with the older product and is too uneducated to use the newer product.  These contractors can also be unwilling to learn new installation techniques appropriate for these new materials. 

Advantage Building Solutions keeps close relationships with material manufacturers to stay up-to-date on their latest materials.  We learn what makes the newer material better (or in some projects, more appropriate for certain situations such as climate).  We learn the proper manufacturer recommended techniques to ensure that these products perform to expectation.

What makes the “ADVANTAGE” in Advantage Building Solutions:

An Established Skilled Crew

Advantage Building Solutions has the best siding workforce.  We send our project leaders and supervisors to almost monthly training sessions for education on the latest installation techniques. Much of our workforce has been with us since Advantage Building Solutions started business.  We treat our employees well so that they perform well, and want to stay with us.  Selecting us as your siding contractor means you are selecting the best.

An Attention to Detail

Advantage Building Solutions does not cut corners.  Much of our work exceeds building standards to ensure the longevity and functionality of your home’s features.  We do not use inferior materials and simply refuse to accept projects designed to cut-corners in order to save on costs.  Furthermore, we understand the finished work should not be just technically correct, but also beautiful. 

Creative Problem Solvers

As our name implies, Advantage Building Solutions provides creative solutions depending upon the client’s goals or challenges.  We do NOT make excuses.  We solve problems.  We strive to get each project done on time and within budget.  We are experienced enough to recognize and anticipate challenges, so that those challenges are properly accounted and budgeted within our plan.  We see opportunities.  We will gladly offer advice and recommendations on energy efficiency opportunities, on time and cost savings (for construction and future maintenance), and ultimately on solving our client’s problems, needs, and concerns.